Thursday, November 12, 2009

Model's Comp and Zedcards

originally posted by Carl Blum Photography on   Comp and Zedcards

When models first start out on their quest to make income, they usually hit that "Let me see your portfolio" wall.

Its the first goal of all beginning models. Some models can get a portfolio together in a few days, others take years and are never really satisfied with it. A Portfolio, is the book of you, it is your pride an joy that you take with you to meet clients. It has nothing to do with an online portfolio, but it is the one that will make you money.

First, let's talk about what goes into a successful portfolio. Minimum, 8 different looks of you. DIFFERENT meaning, different outfits and locations for every look.
Your make-up should be professionally done for EVERY photo, if not you need to know how to do "camera" make-up. A "clean" look is the best way of getting noticed, leave the heavy and "artfull" make-up for later.

Modeling is about selling something, not usually you. At a cost of $300 to $400 per look, it can get expensive to complete a portfolio. If you have an incomplete portfolio when you sign with an agency, they will usually either turn you away or have you shoot with their photographer, at a good rate.

Your "looks" should have at least:
a Nice Dress shot ( Something you would go to church in)
a Blue jean shot
a Sexy Dress ( Not Slutty, more like cocktail dress)
a Swimsuit shot (full body standing)
a Product shot ( you displaying something)
a HEADSHOT (your best headshot)

The rest are up to you. Make sure you obtain the rights to use these photos from the photographer. In writing, because one day when you want to reprint a few at Walgreens or wherever, they are going to ask you for the Copyright release.
Unless you pay the photographer and agree to in writing before the shoot, the photographer does and always will own the rights to the photograph.

Assemble in a nice book and add to it as you get more and more photos.

Compcards and Zedcards, will usually make you more money than anything. You will hand these out like oversized business cards to agencies, talent coordinators, business owners, hell just about anybody. These will go into files, go up on bulletin boards, etc... It is something that people can touch and feel and show other people when they have to. In reality, these comp/zed cards get you noticed more than any online service, to the people who are going to pay you.

A Compcard is usually 6 to 8 photos.
A Zedcard is usually 5 or 6 photos and smaller.

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