Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Models and Photo Shoots

written by; C.S Dewitt Buck

I've been a photographer and taking photographs for over 20 years.   Over the last 10 years, I have made it a "Business" and no longer a "hobby".  For years, I  took photos of models with the only requirement; that he or she either paid for film development or for a little more than a the price of , " Burger Chain's Value meal", a Compact Disc/CD.  

I would shoot until my film ran out and until recently, until my memory card had filled up.  I realize that my time, for my "Artistic Ability", had a value.  Models were getting tear sheets and  promotional work. CSDewitt Studios at that time, was left with not being recognized.

With this said, let's move to Toady and present.

To the models that approach CSDewitt Photography for Trade/Time for Prints/CD work, we want to know your theme, location and how this will benefit our company and portfolio.  Please remember TFP, DOES NOT give you access to all of the photos taken during the shoot. 

I believe this is a false illusion that some models, new and old, have about TFP shoots. 

For TFP work, CSDewitt Photography has a set amount and size of photographs that you will receive.  This is include in the company's model release.  CSDewitt Photography's Model Release will be agreed to and sign before any photo shoot will be schedule.  

Paid work, gets you a predetermined amount of photographs from the shoot. That's if you are paying CSDewitt Photography or CSDewitt Photography is paying you. 

I recommend that a model does his or her homework before they schedule any photo session with a Photographer.  Check his or hers references; contact models who have previously worked with the photographer for their opinion on him or her.
When deciding to work with a photographer compare styles and levels. There is no point in going to a shoot having expectations and you are disappointed during and/or after the shoot. 
When shooting, the  two most important things are to relax and be comfortable.  A photograph not only shows a model's exterior persona, but it also captures the emotion(s) that a model displays.  I know for some, it's easier said than done, but the key is to communicate with the photographer prior to the shoot.  Talk about the shoot; the concept, get to know a little more about him or her.  Do not get into a personal conversation.  Remember, this is a "business" transaction and not a social visit.  
Don't be afraid to bring along a chaperone/escort.  We personally recommend it.  If a photographer requests that no chaperone/escort is permitted,  I would recommend not shooting with him or her.  However, many models are happy to shoot without a chaperone/escort and that is their choice.  I would definitely advise/recommend it for new models and first photo shoots with a photographer. CSDewitt Photography, reserved the right to stop a shoot and/or ask your chaperone/escort to leave, if not, stop the shoot completely. 
Always be prepared for your shoot!!!!   Make sure you have more than enough wardrobe, some props your make up.  Many times a shoot will evolve into more than planned. 

Whenever shooting Artistic Nudes outdoors, remember to wear something which is easy and quick to take off and place back on. The last thing a model want is to be fumbling around trying to get clothes off or back on.  This is when your chaperone/escort comes in handy. 

After the shoot, ensure you have contact details for the photographer and make sure he or she has your address. This is to ensure that you are able to receive the disc or prints.

We can be contacted at; CSDewittPhotography

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