Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is Modesty and Modeling an Oxymoron?

I was setting up a photo shoot with a model and initially I wanted to do a sport/athletic shoot. It was going to consist of Yoga type shorts and a sport's Bra top and then some shots in a mid thigh skirt, bikini top and blouse.

Well she told me, she was too modest and did not want to wear the shorts; they would show too much "Butt Cheek". This is the photo I sent her. YEAH, that's what I said!!!!

So I said okay, let's just do the shorts, skirts and tops. Then on Friday, the day before the shoot, she tells me that she can't do the bikini top and blouse. Similar to this photo!!!

Also, she mention the wearing the shorts was a bit much... similar to these shorts. (above).

I must admit. I'm glad she told me before the shoot then during. I would have been pretty "Pissed", if this happened during the shoot. Especially, since I was "PAYING" her for this shoot.

I just curious is "Modesty and Modeling" an Oxymoron?

Basically I told her, "That being a model and modesty is an Oxymoron". Considering the shoot we were going to do. NO IMPLIED or NUDITY at all. Just similar to the photos I have posted in this blog.

Well I'm awaiting comments!!!!

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  1. As a professional model, and someone who grew up throwing costumes on and off backstage within 3 minutes, I have the view that pretty much the entire entertainment industry has a different attitude toward nudity in general. I happen to agree with you.

    This is just me lashing out on a similar tangent, but seriously, folks: If you can't handle the heat ( a "butt cheek" "showing"), then find a different kitchen (industry).

    I, personally, do not do nudes/fetish (which I do, however, recognize as entirely different genres); however, I have no qualms with changing pretty much wherever, or, for example, not wearing a bra under a top for a fashion shoot when necessary. In fact, hey! I did that last night!!

    Good luck. :) BTW, I found your blog via the MM blog thread. :-P