Saturday, December 25, 2010

Paid or Trade Photography Sessions

Written by: C.S. Dewitt Buck - Dec 25, 2010

Photographers and Models,

I think there is a little misunderstanding about "Paid" and "Trade" type photo sessions; Models and "some" photographers need to understand the difference. I know there are models out here that think if they get paid for a photo session, they are entitled to photographs.  This is a misconception that needs to be straighten out. 

If a photographer "pays a model", he or she is work product and NOT entitled to 1 photograph from the photo session. When you are consider "Work Product",  the Photographer OWNS all of the photographs. 

Edited photo
Model: Julie Smith

If a model "pays a photographer", he/she and the photographer should discuss the photo shoot that the "MODEL" wants. They can and should discuss; how much the session will cost, how many looks, duration, photos and how many "edited", if any, photos will be given after the photo session. The photographer still owns the "RIGHTS" but not how the photographs can/will be used and should be given "Credit".

If a photographer and model work "TRADE", they can/should discuss a photo shoot that would best benefit both of their photo portfolios. For a Trade photo session, I like to collaborate with the model and get his or her input.  With that input, he or her and I, can visualize the photo session and make it come to life.  

Trade Photo
Model: Danielle Duckworth
After the photo session, if time allows, I like for the model and I to look through the photographs. I want the model to choose those that he or she wants. This eliminates objections about the photos from the model.  I do however, limit TF photo session to  5 - 10 edited photos per scene/outfit change. This is dependent on how many scenes/outfit changes we have. The model will get photographs for his or her book without a watermark and some with watermarks for online portfolio usage. 

If a model want his or her portfolios to grow, either Pay a photographer or work Trade with one.  Getting paid for a photo session, should not and might not "grow you portfolio".

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