Monday, September 15, 2014

Collaboration and Exposure - What do they mean, in Photography

The word collaboration means, "work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something".

What collaboration does NOT mean is, "Will work for Free" or "Will work for Trade".

The word exposure means, so it appears today in photography - " the action of placing oneself at risk of financial losses". 

What it should mean when collaborating with others is - the state of being exposed to contact with something.

Now, with that said, I DO NOT have an issue working "Trade", if my Portfolio themes/ideas are fulfilled, with those I'm collaborating.

The Industry seems to be turning into a Bartering System, which isn't a bad thing, if ALL things come out equal or both sides are satisfied on the "Terms". 

Everyone's time has value and that has seem to go to the wayside. I always ask those I collaborate with, are we working Trade or is this a Paid? If it's paid, are we paying or is a client paying? 

Now their are times, when I have collaborated with talent and they have been "Paid" for their contribution to the assignment. However, more and more, people believe "EXPOSURE" is going to pay his or her bills....  It's not! 

Because what you're "EXPOSING", may be Amateur work with no creativity. So be careful, what you expose. 

Make sure the people you are "Collaborating" with, can give you the proper "Exposure" with his or her Talents. 

So in closing, Collaboration and Exposure are GREAT together, when use Properly. 

written by: Christopher S. D. Buck, September 15, 2014

1) Definitions from the "New Oxford American Dictionary".

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